About Us

Research and passion for art, beauty and creativity are the characteristics of ARGENTO. Established in 2002 our company started as a one-stop luxury gift concept boutique in Dubai with a focus on statement Murano glass chandeliers, mirrors, vases & figurines, Italian sterling silver cutlery, exclusive gifts and art fashion jewellery. 
We are also proud to have created and supplied some of the most exclusive statement gifts for special VIP clients on occasion of weddings, ceremonies & events.
With the time the company changed into a distribution company now supplying several gifts boutiques in major 5 to 7 stars hotels in Dubai with new fashion lines, accessories and unique souvenirs.
In 2016 ARGENTO launched in Dubai the line of perfumes OTTANIQO made in the United Arab Emirates with two collections:  the first MY JOURNEY COLLECTION alcohol-free for kids and mums with Lucky Camel and Happy Dolphin
and finally with FALCONER Collection with the intense Eau De Toilette fragrances with the collaboration of famous French and Italian noses.
The OTTANIQO perfume lines are available in the United Arab Emirates and internationally onboard in-flight duty-free of an international airline in the Middle East.   
For more information on products please contact us at
e-mail: info@argentodubai.com